Site and habitat management

The management of our landscapes, wildlife and wild spaces requires care and understanding of the natural environment.

Our team has extensive experience of practical management as well as a detailed understanding of the lifecycle of many of the species with which we work.

We can:

  • Offer a range of services suited to your particular conditions, from specialist slope clearance to bracken rolling, purple moor grass management to heathland restoration.
  • Produce a detailed method statement with a delivery timetable
  • Provide low impact solutions in all terrestrial environments, using bespoke equipment
  • Work closely with special interest groups, such as archaeologists and geologists to ensure that the habitat work does not affect other features.


We can:

  • Provide a range of sensitive solutions to scrub control from coastal slopes, wetlands to mountainsides
  • Offer a range of different techniques for the control of scrub suited to your needs
  • Remove scrub off site and offer carbon offsetting solutions in its disposal

Invasive species

We can:

  • Control invasive species including Japanese Knotweed, Rhododendron, Cotoneaster, Giant Hogweed, Ragwort, Soft Rush and Himalayan Balsam using a variety of proven methods.
  • Control Bracken and use it as a product to enable sustainable site management
  • Dispose of invasive species collected appropriately


We can:

  • Manage grasslands using a variety of techniques and equipment suited to the site
  • Cut and collect on wet grassland sites
  • Small bailing, round bailing and silage
  • Hay meadow and grassland management
    Seed collection

Grazing animals

For conservation long term sustainability is often achieved through the introduction of grazing animals, cattle, sheep or ponies.

We can:

  • Advise on breeds and the sourcing of appropriate livestock for your site
  • Advise on livestock for open access sites
  • Carry our public consultations on the introduction of grazing livestock and grazing risk assessments